Jett Desk - White Lacquer

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   3.3 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 66% of reviews would recommend this product.
   NYAuthor | Denver | 10/19/2018

Beautiful desk but the drawer pulls fall off

Ive had this desk for three years and its pretty and functional and the desktop itself meets all my needs. The drawers are deep and the storage shelf underneath is great for placing files I use all the time and for putting smaller electronics temporarily out of the way. And the Purell fix to clean the desk as described by another owner in the comments really works! But the desk has an unfortunate design fail: the delicate drawer pulls come off the drawers all the time and do not stay screwed in You cant reach into the drawer from the inside and unscrew anything and insert a longer screw instead that would hold them.

Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Apartment/Condo
   HoustonTexan | 7/13/2018


I was so excited when this desk was delivered then I saw that there were chips all throughout the desk when I unpacked it. It looks like the manufacturer also painted over chips without fixing it and there are bumps and unevenness all throughout it. Im very disappointed. The desk is beautiful but the craftsmanship isnt good.

   QueenCityChic | Nashville TN USA | 10/4/2017

Glams up any home office

As soon as I saw the Jett desk I knew I had to have it. Its clean lines and geometric legs look so perfect in my home office. Any time I have a teleconference I get complements on it when it is in the background. As a blogger this also looks perfect in my photography!

   Mikenick | Saint louis | 7/1/2017

white desk

When I tried to put shelves in it was a hassle it took a long time for the screws to line up

   eva127 | 4/6/2017

not a great product

the front part of the drawer keeps falling off it is not made well.cant stretch my legs. not comfortable.overall i do not recommend this product.

   OCTT | Orange County CA USA | 3/25/2016


I cant stop walking past my office and looking at this desk. I have had it for two weeks and everyday I sit behind it and marvel at the beauty. It made my home office look so fancy. I thought it would be too big for the space but its beautiful. Its large and tall which I like and the drawers are deeper then they look. Lots of space. I will say that because of the bar underneath I cant stretch out my legs which would be nice because Im tall with long legs. But its so pretty who cares? Also easy to clean.

   cdmcoley | Newport Beach CA | 2/26/2016

Gorgeous table horrible design.

This table is absolutely beautiful! Its nice and large well made and makes my home office look gorgeous. With all of that said it is horribly designed. There is an extremely large and sharp center piece that runs the length of the desk and is within about 6 inches of the edge of the desk. Basically I cannot comfortably put my legs under the desk. I literally have bruises on my shins so in order to compensate I find myself sitting sideways never putting my legs under the desk. As I am sure you can imagine this creates massive uncomfort and I am unable to sit at the desk comfortably at all. If this piece of furniture needs to be in a functional work space I would not recommend it. If you are just purchasing for looks its beautiful!

   ari88 | Texas USA | 2/1/2016

Love It!

I just received this desk today and I love it! I wanted a big desk and this is certainly what I was looking for. However like I said it is BIG and bulky so if youre not sure of your space think twice. Also I know some people complained about storage space I have not had that problem the top space is so big you have room to put things on and if the drawers are not enough the cross base looks really pretty as a book shelve.

   lpryde13 | Dallas TX | 9/22/2015


Ive never reviewed a product before but I cant help but praise this is truly amazing!Space- There is tons of space!As for the surface space- it is huge. I am a law student and I regularly have multiple textbooks notebooks laptop computer and lamp on the desk all at once in addition to other miscellaneous items.Also the drawers are deceivingly large- I refer to them as Mary Poppins drawers.Lastly the shelf attached underneath the desk is also helpful- I have about 8 textbooks and 6 notebooks under there at the moment.Setup-The desk was really easy to setup- I opted to do it myself even though a white glove service is included with the delivery of the desk to set it up. It took me about 20 minutes. I did it myself but it was pretty heavy so I would recommend a second person.Cleaning-Also an important aspect for me is the ease in cleaning the desk. It collects dust rather fast but that can be cured with a duster. Also I use windex wipes every now and then.TIP FOR ANYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED OR WILL PURCHASE THIS DESK- PURELL GETS ALL TYPES OF STAINS OUT!Purell removes any kind of stain from this lacquer finish- even better than windex. Usually my stains are from sharpies that have bled through papers or the dye from textbook covers. Literally purell can remove anything stained on this desk!Conclusion-This is by far the best desk I have every owned. I seriously never write reviews of any product and I am an avid online shopper but I could not pass on reviewing this lifesaver. I have extremely high expectations for desk space and this gives me more than enough space for all of my study tools.

   Benny73 | Miami FL USA | 2/17/2015

Looks great unless you intend to use it

The desk looks great after delivery. Within 2 weeks of use the paint and wood are tearing off making it appear like something made from particle board. Apparently when the chair (also purchased from Z Gallerie) is pushed into the desk it sometimes chips off the paint and wood. We love getting furniture here but this desk is just not practical.

   Stephanie | 2/20/2014

Too big

Beautiful desk however; unless you are 7 ft tall this desk is completely unpractical. I also bought the soho sofa and chair set and this desk makes my sofa look small.

   tiff | North Carolina | 9/18/2013

nice desk overall

For the money this desk is very well built. It looks more expensive. very easy to put together came in only 3 pieces. There is very little storage but the desk does have a great deal of top desk space.

   MYSTERYGIRL | Indiana USA | 4/2/2013

Nice Desk Depending on what you are using it for

The desk is sturdy made relatively well. The only reason I rated it down is if you are using this for a computer desk up against the wall you see all the wires falling behind it and it looks messy. I would highly recommend if just using for a writing desk but maybe think twice if using for a computer. I also switched the drawer knobs immediately I thought the ones that came with it looked cheap. I should also note this desk is tall and you will need a tall chair.

Thank You