Celeste Boxes - Set of 2

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   rose | maumee, OH | 5/26/2019

decorative box add glitz to my bookshelf

These decorative boxes really added a bit of elegance to my bookshelf. I also think they would look great in my bedroom- to use to hold jewelry or watches.

Age: 51 to 60
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: Online
   Lizzie66 | Hawaii | 6/20/2017

Be very careful where you put these!

I was so excited about getting these and immediately put them to use in my bathroom one to hold my make-up (not brushes) and one to hold my facial products (nighttime creams etc.). I have had them for about two months. I have a large well-ventilated bathroom and I always run the fan when I shower. My counter top is a brilliant white Caesarstone. I never thought to look at the bottom of the box to see what they were made out of my fault. Well today I discovered that the black felt has been eroding and bleeding into the white counter and it has stained it! I have to call the stone installer and have them come out to try to remove the stains. I am beyond horrified and disappointed. Even the inner lining is not that great of quality and the gold/brass does not look as pretty as the picture and it shows fingerprints and must be wiped down constantly to look good (in other words dont touch anything except the handle not terribly convenient). The shegreen-style of the box itself was a surprise and not quite what I had hoped for as it makes it look cheap in my opinion and is hard to clean. Even where the material is joined at the edges is not perfect as there are gaps. I have purchased other boxes from Z Gallerie and been very pleased in the past so I am not overly fussy in my expectations and to me spending this much on boxes was a stretch to justify. This one just did not meet the mark and I am very disappointed. It is too late to return them so I will shove them in a closet where they can hold something I dont need to get to very often and where they wont destroy anything (actually I put them not their sides to be honest). Whatever you do dont put them on a counter in the bathroom use a tray under them preferably one made of glass!

Thank You