Del Mar Daybed Sectional - 2 PC

Del Mar Daybed Sectional - 2 PC


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Del Mar Daybed Sectional - 2 PCRight Arm Facing
Color: Bermuda Granite
Bermuda Granite
Bermuda Granite

Bermuda Granite

100% Polypropolene

Performance. Woven with 100% Olefin yarn, this fabric is stain resistant, fade resistant and water repellent. Its high wearability and abrasion resistance means it will never fuzz or pill and makes it exceptionally durable. Cleaning code WS.

San Marino Ivory
San Marino Ivory

San Marino Ivory

100% Polyester

Performance. The rich, soft texture of velvet combined with the performance of a microfiber. Engineered for durability and lasting saturated color this fabric is stain resistant and water repellent. Cleaning code WS.

Serena Iron
Serena Iron

Serena Iron

100% Polyester

Performance. This tight weave fabric has a soft hand and performance features. Engineered for durability and lasting saturated color this fabric is stain resistant and water repellent. Cleaning code WS.

Serena Linen
Serena Linen

Serena Linen

100% Polyester

Performance. This tight weave fabric has a soft hand and performance features. Engineered for durability and lasting saturated color this fabric is stain resistant and water repellent. Cleaning code WS.

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   3.1 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 63% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Rebecca | Parkland, FL | 3/18/2019


We\ve had it about 3 years and there are feathers coming out of it CONSTANTLY. Also one of the pills is splitting at the seam. Would no recommend.

Age: 31 to 40
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
   Sofareviewer | Reading, PA | 3/6/2019

Its a great one

My partner and I love lounging in the del mar sectional. Its a cozy comfortable and soft place to relax and read or watch tv. I came back to buy additional pieces because we loved it so much !

Age: 41 to 50
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: Online
   Matt | Jersey City, NJ | 3/2/2019

Comfortable couch

The couch is very comfortable I have had it for almost a year and is holding up very well. Need to fluff the pillows and cushions often but is really comfortable

Age: 31 to 40
Gender: Male
Dwelling: Aparment/Condo
Purchased: Online
   KT | Columbus, OH | 2/17/2019

Has not held up AT ALL!

We have had our couch for less than 2 years. We have no kids and our couch gets very little wear. The down feathers have started coming up through the cushions. The outer layer of the foam cushion has completely come apart on the end where it should be sewn or glued together on almost every single cushion and this happened not even 6 months in to owning. I am so completely disappointed and angry to be honest. This isn't a cheap couch and for the length of time we waited for it to arrive and all the hassle we went through with finally having it delivered but only part of the couch this experience has been terrible. We searched for a long time for the perfect couch but have been let down by z galleries and the quality of the product they delivered. Z Galleries should really make this right because this is terrible.

Age: 18 to 30
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
   Kris27 | Seattle WA USA | 10/9/2018

Nice at First

This sectional was really nice in the beginning but after two years it quickly lost its form and the zippers broke. Its still comfortable but it doesnt hold well for everyday use.

   Brenny | Rancho Santa Margarita | 9/13/2018

Extremely disappointed

I bought this sectional 2 years ago this month. First thing I noticed upon delivery was that the sectional did not connect. I called to see if there was hardware to purchase to connect the pieces but was told that my warranty would be voided if I installed any sort of hardware to the furniture. My sectional is constantly moving apart as my floor is tiled. I have tried numerous little tricks to get the furniture to not move and nothing has helped thus far. Ive had the two biggest seat back pillows replaced with a different filler as they lost their shape so much that I couldnt get them to look remotely normal. Looks much better but of course Im out about $300. I am constantly either cleaning up feathers or being poked by them. 2 of the seat back pillows and 1 of the seat cushions are coming apart at the seams. Sounds like a sectional that is a lot older than 2. Really is a bummer as the sectional looked and felt great in the store.

Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Dwelling: House
   MOAz | Phoenix AZ USA | 8/6/2018

beautiful but not strong

Loved this couch when we got it for our family room in bermuda natural. Its where we spend the majority of our time. Within a few months the fabric started to pill and stain a lot. We lose feathers hourly and the cushions within a few months started to sag. A couple of the pillows have been tearing at the seams. We do have 2 dogs and while we try and keep them off it Im sure they take advantage of us being at work to get up on the couch. There are a couple muddy paw prints which have been impossible to get out despite following recommendations of to clean.Overall Im bummed that it didnt last too long. If you have it in an area of little traffic Im sure it would last wonderfully but in a high traffic area like ours it unfortunately wont be surviving as long as I would have liked.

   AnotherHoustonian | Houston TX USA | 6/27/2018

Del Mar Daybed Sectional - 2 Piece Set

We made this purchase after having a favorable experience purchasing a customized Stella sectional in a bright white nevertheless. This new purchase has been anything but favorable. This piece breaks down immediately. I am now 3 months into my replacement sectional and am already going through the process of a re-select. It looks 15 years old. The cushions turn in the pillows bunch up and the sectional pieces slide apart with typical use each time. Unlike other sectionals at Zgallerie this Del Mar sectional version does not have clamps. The sharp feathers extend out of every area of the couch and cushion and have cut myself and my young children. For this reason we cover the couch in blankets which is very attractive. We also do this because as other comments have relayed the slightest moisture leaves permanent stains. We do not eat drink mistreat or apply heavy weight to the sectional. I shop at Zgallerie often and always look at the model to see how it holds up. There is no way the model in store and the ones being sent out are manufactured the same. I would not recommend this piece. It is not functional.

   CatS | Nashville | 5/18/2018

good item

I purchased this item 2 months ago [ actually in Jan but I had to wait this long to be delivered ] and I can say I love it . It looks amazing with my Timber coffee and end table my den area now looks great. love the comfort [ my husband and I take turns on it because of his snoring :)] and we love to sleep on it . it is good for guests too we havent had any complaints. It can stain easily but again what can you expect I bought the Bermuda natural which is very light and anything that is not leather will stain easily. No issues so far and my entire family loves it ! I bought the armchair to go with it they match perfectly.

   cpierre | Indianapolis IN USA | 4/28/2018


I bought this couch a little less than 6 months ago and it already looks like I have had it for several years. No one is allowed to eat or drink in my living room but the couch seems to be showing tons of stains from everyday use. The feathers are constantly coming out of the cushions and throw pillows. I am disappointed in this couch because I invested so much money but looks so worn after a few months. I have also noticed that I constantly have to adjust the cushions because the chaise section slides away from the back of the couch. I do have to admit that the couch is extremely comfortable though! I would say this couch is great for a more formal living room but definitely NOT for everyday use.

   RNatalie1988 | Portland OR | 4/21/2018


We came to the store and saw this sectional in a ivory color and loved how comfy they were we ended up getting them in a Charcoal color which is NOT Charcoal and looks different then the sample they showed us it was more of a lighter bluish grey color unfortunately is not what we wanted. we have had them for a little over a month now and they started getting little tiny fabric balls on them and the pillows are already falling through really wish they were firmer. Any ways would not recommend these to no none and diffidently not worth the money. really disappointed with these already know will be getting new couches in about a year and diffidently not from ZGallerie

   stephfol | Campbell CA USA | 2/20/2018

Del Mar a year later

We purchased this sofa about a year ago after seeing it in the store and testing it out. When it arrived it was not as soft as it was in the store. We got the Straw color and its rough like straw. Its comfortable and has held up well and looks great but there are constantly feathers poking through the fabric and they get all over the place. Its annoying.

   Geez | CoronaCalif. | 5/15/2017

Supper Happy

Love this sectional ordered in Bermuda. looks amazing. Supper Happy with all the products Ive ordered from this store. customer service is wonderful. my whole house has several pieces from ZGallerie.

   DaLena | Palm Beach Gardens FL USA | 3/24/2017

Perfect size sectional for our space!

We were looking for a sectional that was affordable fashionable and functional. Once it arrived it looked perfect in our home!

   wzhu422 | Houston TX USA | 3/17/2017

Very disappointed

I am very disappointed by the quality of this sectional couch. I bought this couch less than a year ago the cover of the couch has been peeling the feathers continually come out of the pillows and cushions and today I found out one the cushions the stitching is coming apart. Waste of money. I do not recommend this sectional to anyone.

   Gabriella | Oceanside | 1/5/2017

Dont do it!

Beautiful sectional but after a year we are already searching for a replacement. This fabric is just not durable enough for everyday use. After the first few months we had to take the removable cushion covers to the dry cleaner and have repeated this process several times since. It pills like crazy and if you do happen to spill liquid on it it will leave a ring no matter what you do. I wish I could leave a better review because it is comfortable and the perfect size. It just didnt hold up.

   Meia | Carmel IN USA | 8/14/2016

Perfect sectional

I love this sectional. I gave the sales guy my vision and he totally won me over with this sectional. Its comfy stylish and perfect for entertaining. Im looking for another smaller section to add to it. I choose the lightest option based off my decor. However I was tempted to get the charcoal.Weve had our going on 5 months now and were still satisfied. The only thing I dont like is the feathers flying out all the time. Once our home is completed Ill have them re-stuff it for our move. You have a 5 year warranty. Besides that its the best decision made for a sectional.So many compliments....

   ErinR | Chino CA USA | 7/4/2016

Not as good as I expected.

If any of you know The Mammoth Sofa from ZGallerie then you know what my expectations were. I had The Mammoth Sofa for 7 years exceptional quality the only reason looking for a new couch was that we wanted a new color to match our home renovations. After sitting on every couch in South Coast Plaza we ended up back at ZGallerie because I feel the quality of their furniture beats the other stores easily. The closest sofa in feel and make to The Mammoth was the Del Mar. After sitting on it in the store (we went twice to make sure before we purchased) I felt it was very close to what I was looking for. I purchased the XXL sofa - 108 inches long - not the sectional. I got the sofa delivered and it is of course beautiful and the material is a great quality and color but the cushions do not seem to be close to what was in the store. People kept telling me to wait awhile maybe I needed to wear it in...but its been over 6 months and I still feel it is not the same couch as what I sat in at the store. I also feel like the cushions are already looking a little sad no matter how much I fluff them. I am a very loyal ZGallerie customer and will continue to make purchases from them. I just think that my next purchase I will be more proactive and if the product comes to me different then what the product was in store I will return it. So was this $1700 couch worth it. No. I do not see us having this couch more than 2 years. Is it pretty? Yes. Is it comfortable? Its ok. Did it meet my expectiaons? No.

   BDawn | 5/17/2016

not sturdy

Its a nice couch but we havent even had it for half a year and the cushions are falling apart! Also be aware that the sectional isnt connected and you will have to buy your own hardware to connect the two pieces. Not worth the money

   Chelsea | 4/29/2016

Comfortable couch

We custom ordered this sectional in the formation and fabric (charcoal) we wanted. We absolutely love it! The fabric is super soft and probably better than white for hiding dirt. It is very deep and plush which makes it extremely comfortable. The back cushions do require fluffing to make it look nice. All cushions DO come off for easy cleaning. The straight lines give it a contemporary look. Recommend measuring your entryway carefully before purchasing. One piece was too tall and wide to fit through our doorway when it delivered but we loved the couch so much we hired someone to lift it up through our balcony which had more space to maneuver through the door.

   Sally19 | Atlanta GA USA | 12/29/2015

Love this sofa!

We just finished redecorating our living room and this sofa has been a perfect addition to our new room. I always thought it would be impossible to find a comfortable couch that looked contemporary but the Del Mar definitely proved me wrong! We have had friends and family over since the sectional was delivered and WOW everyone wants one for their home now too! If your sales of this sofa soar in ATL you know who to thank :)

   Lovethedelmar | Miami FL USA | 12/29/2015

Would reccomend to anyone

Del Mar is a great buy/product. The sales staff got 5 stars for recommending this to me in a store where I could not see the product. It was exactly what I wanted. I love its straight lines cozy seat and beautiful fabric. Weve had it for about 6 months now and still love it.

   Sofaking | Camarillo Ca | 10/17/2015


Hey I had a Mammoth Sofa from Zgallerie a while back and loved the comfort of it. After looking online and verifying that there was a floor model of this sofa in Costa Mesa I decided to brave LA traffic on a Saturday all the way from Ventura County. I am picky about comfort and this Sectional does not disappoint. I usually lay on the lounge but sat just to make sure the bottom back booty rear side of my body to comfort levels were ok. It surpassed my expectations with its backside enveloping pleasure. This sofa sinks you in not too deep but just enough that youre booty bum bottom back side is covered in down filled goodness. My pesky wife was concerned about the light color since we have a 6 year old but 2 months in it has held up perfectly. I avoid eating or drinking on it but I havent noticed any fading or sagging. Cushions fluff up nice. It looks good too. Clean lines and works well with our dark hardwood floors. I say go for it if you cherish the health of you bottom back bootay which I think we all do.

Thank You