Timber Dining Table

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Dimensions84''W x 44''D x 30''H
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   4 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 80% of reviews would recommend this product.
   vacayqueen123 | Houston TX | 10/22/2018

Beautiful but not functional

This table is a showstopper when you see it in person. It appears and feels solid and sturdy but it is a hollow table top (cheap). Also the bulky legs make it very non-functional if trying to seat more than 4 people. Again who purchases an 84 table with the plan of only seating 4 people? If you look at the table the bulky legs hinder the people sitting on the long ends from pushing the chairs all the way in. All I could imagine is knee bruises. Also look at the table online (google it) or in-store and youll see they always have it staged with just benches on the side and chairs just at the ends. Unfortunately I didnt realize this until I got the table in my home and tried to re-arrange chairs. I was stuck with the 20% re-stock fee as well as $150 fee for them to pick up the table. So if you plan on seating 4 chairs or using benches along the sides save your money. We ended up getting a table with 4 legs on the 4 corners of the table.

Age: 35 to 44
Gender: Female
Dwelling: House
   JaredZGal | Florida USA | 12/5/2016

Really Zgallerie??

Ok so I wanted to love this table so bad saw all the great reviews waited for the %15 off coupon and finally ordered it. It got delivered today and Im just like wait what.... Its literally plastic with shiny paint on it. Its a hollow resin plastic that when you knock it the whole thing echoes. For what you pay I expected it to feel rich luxurious solid heavy well made etc. It quite literally feels like plastic. Yes I get you guys stampt some wood look into it so when people see it they go ohhhh wowww then they touch it and go ummm your dining table is plastic I bet that was cheap.... Again I really wanted to love it. And of course paying return shipping on it would be a joke so it will stay but I lost my love affair for ZGallerie products today which is the worse part. The picture I attached lets you see the bottom where you actually see its just a lightweight fiber glass (aka plastic) resin

   34267 | Texas USA | 12/19/2015

Love it!

We love our new dining table. It was a risky buy as its such a modern/different piece but it looks gorgeous! So happy with it and everyone comments on it.

   Kiki | Maryland | 11/15/2015

this table is to die for

Ive been back and forth about purchasing this table and finally gave in. Its simply gorgeous paired with the banquette bench and side chairs its absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to host more with this statement piece..

   Jlykb | FL | 7/15/2015

Beautiful table but..

Im not sure its worth the price tag. Its very flimsy and the silver paint rubs off easily. But I love the look so much Im keeping it.

   KWMermaid | Florida USA | 1/16/2014

What a statement piece!

This table is truly an attention grabber. We paired it with 6 Maddox chairs for a glam family look. Everyone that sees it remarks on how beautiful it is. The one drawback is the legs are too close to the side of the table making the seating of 6 slightly uncomfortable unless you have short legs. We use placemats on it though with parties the cleanup of spills has not been a problem at all.

   Jana | Arkansas | 11/28/2013

Prettier than expected

I have lots of events in my home that involve feeding large groups of both students and adults. I like to have practical teen friendly furniture that looks like it isnt. And I need to be able to move all my furniture by myself between events. I ordered two of these tables so that I can create the illusion of one long table or create two dining spaces. These tables are perfect. Gorgeous silver finish. The scale is perfect. And the finishSeems very durable. Had them 3 weeks and already had 5 big events. They are awesome.

   S123 | Torrance CA USA | 9/17/2013

Almost perfect

I WISH this table was made to seat 6 people. Its such a beautiful table however the placement of the legs makes it impossible to have 6 chairs around it. They physically fit but unfortunately your legs have to either bash into the legs or straddle them. I tried every way I could to make this work. If they would work on the design I bet these would be flying off the shelf!

   Tockie | Dallas TX USA | 4/10/2013

Timber Table

I looked at this table for almost a year. Finally got it and I love it!!!! It is the conversation piece when other come to my home. I LOVE THIS TABLE!!!!!!!

   Missy | South Dakota USA | 3/12/2013


Ive been drooling over this table for far too long! Im so excited that we finally decided to buy it! Outstanding look you will love it!

   Nini | Miami Lakes FL USA | 3/12/2013

Superior quality and style...

We purchased this item for use as both a conference table and formal dining table. The appearance screams quality and style and will definitely recommend to anyone.

Thank You