Sequoia Dining Table

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   4.7 OUT OF 5 AVERAGE RATING | 94% of reviews would recommend this product.
   Brooke | Omaha, NE | 3/1/2019

Beautiful but poor quality!!!

I love the look of this table so much that I even bought the entry way table. I was disappointed when I noticed a small hole in this material and realized how very thin it is. Not far off a paper mache. Zgallerie is not standing behind this and now I wish I would have bought locally.

Age: 41 to 50
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: Online
   JHB | Medford, OR | 2/26/2019

Stunning and everyone likes it.

I have had this table for three years as a meeting table in my office. Everyone that sees it comments on how amazing and unique it is. It has held up very well.

Age: 41 to 50
Gender: Male
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: Online
   Reannascloset | Conroe, TX | 2/10/2019


Please bring the gold color back! This table is very well made and heavy! I love it!

Age: 31 to 40
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Home
Purchased: In-Store
   Michelle | Parkland, FL | 2/9/2019

Table is beautiful

I love this table its beautiful and makes a statement when you walk into the room.\nI ordered online and it was delivered in a few days.

Age: 51 to 60
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Loft
Purchased: Online
   Meechie | Nashville, TN | 1/4/2019

She Love This Table!

I bought this Sequoia table for my daughter a year ago and she just love it.

Age: 18 to 30
Gender: Female
Dwelling: Aparment/Condo
Purchased: In-Store
   Jade33 | California USA | 9/11/2018

Fabulous Outstanding and Unforgettable!

I love this table couldn't ask for a better one because this is the "œBest." Great investment and a conversation piece for your guest.

Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Dwelling: House
   Divergent | Albuquerque NM USA | 5/20/2018

We are looking at the Sequoia Dining Table w a 60” glass top

The 60" glass top is a bit large for our area and we would like to replace it with a 54" glass top. We are concerned that the smaller top size may be tight for leg length perhaps causing those seated to bump their knees into the cast root base. If you have this table please help by sharing your opinion of how a smaller table top for this table will affect the comfort of the sitters around it.Thank you in advance!

   Denise4649 | 12/12/2017

Great eye catching piece

This table definitely makes a statement. A pain to clean glass but just gorgeous and everyone comments!The bottom piece is light and hollow

   Troybias | DMV | 10/18/2017

Great conversation piece!

It is a beautiful piece of art. I love all the detail and it serves our purpose to seat six. I did change the table top and bought a rectangular glass instead of a round.

   Pinkie | Houston TX USA | 5/21/2017

Absolutely Gorgeous Piece of Furniture

I have been wanting this table for several years I bought a new dining set in 2007 from another furniture store and several of my family and friends went and bought the same dining table after watching this table for a few years in 2016 I decided it was time to change the best decision Ive made in changing my dining room I absolutely adore walking in the room an seeing this beautiful work of art I have no complaints will be adding additional pieces to this collection soon

   Yani | Pittsburg | 3/24/2017


I absolutely love this table Great designGoing back to get the coffee table end tableThank you

   kcMonaLiza | Kansas City MO USA | 12/30/2016

Love it

Ive had this piece for a few years and everyone always compliments me on it! Its very unique and something youre not likely to find anywhere else!

   WenSch | Sterling VA | 12/16/2016

Awesome piece of art

We love love love this table. From the time we saw it online until we purchased it and it arrived in our home we could not get it out of our minds! It is such a great conversation piece and I find myself just stopping to stare it some times. It really is a stunning piece.

   beckstar | Las vegas-LA-Chicago | 1/16/2015

amazing!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!

This isnt a table! its art that can be used as a table! Everyone who walks into my house imediatly comment on it followed by the matching console and 2 coffee tables! i just ordered the large coffee table and I havent been more excited to find a piece of furniture since i first bought the table in 2010!!!! Love it!!! See it in the store you wont be able to walk away without buying the whole set!!! Only down fall is dusting the nooks and cranies is difficult but so worth it!!!!! Also the piece is versatile! I have a modern home but my parents have a log cabin in Wisconsin and have the console there as a sauna spa vanity table!!!!

   laziza | Houston TX USA | 10/20/2014

Statement Piece

Ive been looking at this table for years!! I finally got in over the weekend just in time for our annual Halloween party. Everyone complimented on how cool it is and for a kitchen table its awesome! Very roomy for the four lola chairs we got with it could easily fit another two. Good table to add an artistic vibe to your space!

   LBnyc | New York NY | 2/17/2014

A beauty!

Walked in a Z Galleries store in south Florida and fell in love with this table. This table seats 6 with ease. It is a creative way to sneak a piece of art in your dining area. Ive had it now for 2 years and I am still in love!

   addictedtozgallerie | Miami FL USA | 1/11/2014

Stunning but very delicate

Stunning!! But the material is very delicate. It can easily brake. You have to be very careful with it. The size is perfect. Can possibly sit up to 6 people. Im thinking of getting the console. But the fact that the material is so delicate. Holds me back. I have a friend whos table cracked I dont want that to happen to me. Any suggestions?

   Shawny76 | Dumfries VA USA | 12/28/2013

In Love!

I have been looking at this table for over a year and kept telling my husband how much I loved it but since I was pregnant with our first child then I kept putting it off even though he kept telling me to buy it. OMG am I ever glad I finally went through with it! It was delivered today along with 4 of the silver chairs they advertise with it (could comfortably fit at least 2 more one more would be a squeeze at mealtimes) and my 16 yr old stepson immediately took a picture of it because its hot. He also has cleaned the table voluntarily which I have never EVER seen happen before so I know he really likes it as much as the rest of us do. I also purchased the brown and white zebra canvas to hang on the wall with it and its gorgeous together- Thank you ZGallerie!

   Lark | Tennessee USA | 11/30/2013

statement piece

It was love at first sight when I came across this piece. Ive had it for some time now and each and every time someone comes into the house they comment on how different and beautiful it is. I have 4 standard size dining chairs with it and it could easily hold 2 more. The glass is VERY heavy so be prepared for 3 people to help you move it. <3 it!!!!

   Fabulousity | Washington DC USA | 11/1/2013

Love this table!!!

I have always seen this table in the store and have loved it and now I get to see it every day in my home. It is a 1/3 of the price than at other stores Ive seen in LA (I live in DC). This table was also featured on the Real Housewives of Orange County and RuPauls Drage Race.

   tex32 | Fort Lauderdale FL USA | 8/15/2013


I bought the console table love it. Now I am getting the Dining Table. Stunning unusual different Awesome

   alexa72 | honduras | 7/14/2013

sequoia table

i love this table but need to know if i can seat 8 people in it.Can i put a bigger glass top to accommodate 8 small chairs?

   BoomerSooner | Austin TX | 5/31/2013

THE conversation piece

We have this with the Lola Pewter Gold Arm chairs (4) and it fits very comfortably. Easy to clean glass top. Beautiful piece! Pictures dont do it justice. I waited a long time for this table and it was worth it! The statement piece of our kitchen/living area! The matching console I feel is more gold than the table...but since they are not next to each other in our house it doesnt matter. Color changes with lighting of course because its metallic. I highly recommend this table! It is gorgeous!

   MYSTERYGIRL | Indiana USA | 4/2/2013

Compliments our Kitchen well

We have gotten many compliments on our kitchen table. Seats 6 comfortably (we have large chairs). Typical fingerprints with having a glass top clean easily top doesnt streak. Base is very light. We are very happy with our purchase.

Thank You