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High Fashion meets High Design
Watch what happens when we pair a rising singer and style icon Jessi Malay with a fashion forward interior designer. Add Z Gallerie to the mix and the results are nothing short of stunning!
Jessi Malay 22Interiors Jessica Alexander New Twelve
Jessi's stunning Roberto Sofa
The view of Jessi's new Livingroom
Details of Jessi's new livingroom
The Prague bed and Santorini Mirror
Jessi sets her new dining table with the Aura Geode Napkin Ring and Luna Dinnerware.
You have such great style! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Jessi: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, I'm a singer first and started fashion and beauty blogging as a hobby!
I wanted a space that felt light and airy, and didn't overwhelm the space with too many elements.&quote; -jessi malayRead the Story on Jessi's Blog
What were your goals for the space?
Jessi: I wanted a social environment. I love having my friends and family over to cook, watch movies, and play games—and my last apartment wasn't set up for that.
Jessi's glam table centerpiece.
Jessi's LA Home - before and after the transformation
Jessi and Lucie celebrating Jessi's new home.
jessi and lucie of 22interiors celebrate jessi's new home / jessi's glam-meets-organic tablescape is ready for her next dinner party.
I love how Lucie combined modern and glam accents with organic elements to create a space that is interesting, unexpected, and balanced. -jessi malay
Left - the Riley nesting tables. Right - Jessi in the Royce corner chair.Riley Nesting Tables Canyon Rug in Blue Royce Corner Chair
What did you enjoy most about the collaboration? Jessi: I want Lucie to help me make decisions about everything in life! She and I clicked immediately and what I really appreciated was her collaborative nature.
What's your favorite element in the design? Jessi: I love how Lucie combined modern and glam accents with organic elements.Winston Taper Candle holder Gunnar Dining Chairs Glacier Marble Coffe Table Glacier Marble Coffe Table
How would you describe your approach to fashion? How does that translate into your ideas for style at home? Jessi: My approach to fashion is all about color, fit, and what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin!
The Prague bed in Jessi's new bedroom featuring the Santorini Mirrors and Simplicity Mirrored Side chests.
Our Super luxe Prague bed and dazzling Simplicity Nightstands are the perfect foundation for chic dreams.Simplicity Mirrored Side Chest Prague Bed
Z Gallerie has a range of unique and fashionable styles, whether it's ultra sleek and modern, super glamorous, or coastal and organic. - lucie ayers
Why Z Gallerie? Jessi: We were able to easily find accent pieces that really make a house a home. Whenever I walk into a Z Gallerie store, I feel luxurious, pampered, and glamorous—just like my new apartment!
What are you looking forward to doing in your new space? Jessi: So happy to have a space that is inspiring for me to work in, with plenty of seating and space to entertain, and comfy at the same time!

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